Monday, October 31, 2011

It Snowed In Maine Yesterday

Seriously.  Yesterday we woke up to a few inches of heavy, wet snow and no power.  What to do?  What to do?  Given where I'm at in my mission to go paperless, I could have spent a good deal of time organizing what's left to scan and enter, but it got me thinking. When I am "completely" paperless, what will I do the next time a snow storm hits and I don't have internet access to work on my genealogy.

It seems to me like it's a good time to spend some time with my living family and make some memories with them. I like to point out to people that we, as genealogists, need to not get so caught up i tracking down our ancestors that we neglect our living relatives and descendants.

Do you have a "favorite" power outage activity?  In our house, many of us pick up a book and read. Sometimes we play Monopoly when we suspect its going to be a while.  What does your family do when you're disconnected from the grid?  Have you recorded those special activities in your own family's history?

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